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SpreadDEM is the first industrial numerical tool to perform virtual experiments of centrifugal fertilizer spreaders oriented to designers and producers of agricultural machinery. Based on DEMPack technology, a Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material simulation, the trajectory of every single fertilizer particle is evaluated from the hopper to their contact with the ground. SpreadDEM provides a complete and practical solution to optimize the design of the spreading […]

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Tdyn RamSeries

 Tdyn RamSeries is a complete finite element (FEM) environment for structural analysis. RamSeries provides the ability to simulate every structural aspect of a product, thanks to its full range of capabilities, including linear statics, modal analysis, linear and non-linear transient simulations, impact, coupled fluid-structure analyses, thermo-mechanical studies, fatigue assessment and much more. RamSeries features a

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Much more than just a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver, Tdyn CFD+HT is an entire engineering solution for solving problems involving fluid and porous media flow, heat transfer and multi-physics. At the heart of Tdyn CFD+HT is its leading finite calculus (FIC-FEM) solver technology, offering reliable and accurate solutions quickly and robustly. Tdyn CFD+HT includes

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DaGGer (Dam Geometric GenERator) is a GiD-based interactive tool for automatic predimensioning and numerical modeling of double-curvature arch dams. The software was developed to achieve a complete definition of the dam and the supporting ground, even considering elements such as outlets, abutment walls, spillways, excavation shape and rock strata. This tool allows comparing several solutions

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ATENA is software for analysis of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. ATENA simulates real behavior of concrete and reinforced concrete structures including concrete cracking, crushing and reinforcement yielding. Gives engineers the power to check and verify their concrete stuctures in a user friendly and unique graphical enviroment. To get more information about ATENA, please visit

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BEASY Corrosion & CP software is the core module of the BEASY Cathodic Protection and Signature modelling tools which simulates the current flow in the electrolyte and the electrode kinetics on the metallic surfaces. The software enables corrosion engineers to quickly develop full 3D virtual prototypes of Cathodic Protection systems to predict the degree of

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ATILA is a finite element software package for the analysis of 2D & 3D structures based on smart materials. ATILA’s comprehensive element library include formulations for the following materials: elastic, composite, piezoelectric, electrostrictive, magnetostrictive, shape-memory alloys, and fluids. ATILA’s applications include: sonars and sonar arrays, piezoelectric actuators, ultrasonic devices, piezoelectric motors, piezoelectric transformers, magnetostrictive transducers,

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Stampack is the metal forming simulation software for many industrial applications such as ironing, necking, embossing, stretch-forming, forming of thick sheets, flex-forming, hydro-forming of multi chamber profiles, stretch-bending of profiles, etc. To get more information about Stampack, please visit the Men at Work website, or send a mail to

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Hobbies (Higher Order Basis Based Integral Equation Solver) is electromagnetic software based on the Method of Moments (MoM). It has been designed in a high-performance parallel way. To get more information about Hobbies, please visit

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Iber is a two-dimensional mathematical model for simulating flows in rivers and estuaries promoted by the Centre for Hydrographic Studies of CEDEX in the framework of a cooperation agreement signed between the CEDEX and the Dirección General del Agua, and developed in collaboration with the Water Engineering and Environment, GEAM (University of A Coruña UDC),

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SciFEA is a super-operator finite element analysis system for elasticity, viscoelastic mechanics, structural mechanics, heat transfer, seapage, electromagnetic, fluid-solid coupling and nonlinear solid mechanics. To get more information about SciFEA, please visit, or send a mail to

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Vulcan is a finite element software designed as a defect-prediction tool for the foundry engineer, in order to correct and/or improve his/her casting process, even before prototype trials are produced. To get more information about Vulcan, please visit, or send a mail to

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