July 2017

Image2Mesh Module

The GiDML_Image2Mesh module generates a volume mesh directly from 3D images. The unstructured tetrahedral mesh is generated from a 3D grid of voxels, in which the material is coded as a color. The mesh is automatically refined in the regions where there are different materials, in order to capture the interface between them. [one-half-first][/one-half-first] [one-half][/one-half] […]

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Octree tetrahedra mesher Module

The GiDML_OctreeTetrahedraMesher module is an unstructured volume mesh generator. This octree-based mesher ensures both geometrical and model topology preservation. The module’s input is a triangle mesh defining the contours of the model. The tetrahedra output mesh represents the topology of the model, but it may not be constrained to the input triangles. This characteristic permits

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IO Module

In order to exchange the data between any software and the corresponding modules is mandatory to use the input/output module (GiDML_IO), which provides the API functions to get and set the data from and to the corresponding GiDML modules. Any software willing to use some GiDML module must and include the corresponding header file (gidml_modulename.h)

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