GiD Convention

The GiD Convention is a the main event organized by the GiD Team, with the objective to bring together users and developers of GiD pre/post processing system in order to exchange ideas and experiences on the generation of data for computer simulation and the graphic visualization of numerical results. It takes place every two years since 2002, and a new official version of GiD is released in the frame of each GiD Convention.

The GiD development team present the news of the latest version of GiD, and the users and modules developers present their experiences with the program, and interesting application examples. It also includes relevant talks about pre and postprocessing fields: mesh generation, Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), complex interfaces with solversadvanced visualization techniques, etc…

Upcoming GiD conventions

12th GiD Convention, 3rd July 2024

Previous GiD conventions

9th GiD Convention
8th GiD Convention
7th GiD Convention
7th Convention On Advances And Applications Of GiD
6th GiD Convention
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