GiD Convention 2022

GiD Convention 2022 presentations

What is the GiD convention?

The GiD Convention is an event organized by the GiD Team. It brings together users and developers of GiD pre/post processing system.

At the meetings, they exchanges ideas and experiences on the generation of data for computer simulation, as well as the graphic visualization of numerical results.

Celebrating new GiD 16

Next June 1st, the new GiD 16 will be launched and we want to celebrate the release with you.

The 11th GiD convention will be divided into two parts:

Video presentations by GiD users and problemtypes developers.

GiD v16 news presentation by GiD team and round table.

Hybrid format

Due to the success of the latest edition, we are repeating the online format for the 11th GiD Convention, where the attendees will be able to participate in the event virtually. Also, you will be able to attend it in person for the GiD 16 news presentation.

The video presentations will be available in the morning on our YouTube channel so you can see them whenever you want.

The GiD 16 news presentation and round table will be performed at the OC Zienkiewicz Conference Room at CIMNE, as well as streamed on YouTube.

Don’t miss the opportunity and join us at the 11th GiD convention!



08:00 CEST   | Video presentations

11:00 CEST   | GiD 16 launch

16:00 CEST   | Meeting at OC Zienkiewicz Conference Room (UPC North Campus, Barcelona, C1 Building, 2nd floor)

16:30 CEST   | GiD 16 news direct and round table (hybrid event)

17:30 CEST   | Reception at C1 building terrace


Online events: GiD YouTube channel

In-person event: OC Zienkiewicz Conference Room (UPC North Campus, Barcelona, C1 Building, 2nd floor)



Daniel Sá López

Technical director of Compass

Shaping tomorrow with Advanced Simulation Engineering


Jan Cervenka

Head executive officer, Cervenka Consulting, s.r.o.

Simulation of reinforced concrete structures using GiD and ATENA


Gaia Di Carluccio

Numerical modelling of large deformations and soil–water–structure interaction with Anura3D software

PostDoc researcher at CIMNE and developer of Anura3D


Alfonso Rodriguez Dono

Associate Professor at UPC



Marcos Sanz Ramos

Iber: more than 2D hydraulic modelling

Civil Engineer, Researcher at Flumen Institute and Iber developer


Alberto Gascón Bravo

Researcher in electromagnetism and matter physics at the University of Granada

AMesher – mesher for efficient conformal FDTD simulations


Eduardo Soudah

Head of Biomedical Engineering group at CIMNE

Integrated Simulation Framework for Coronary Stenosis using GiD


Nathalia Silva Cancino

Civil Engineering PhD Student at CIMNE

GID-based plugins for Iber: massive model building and automatic report generation


Enrique Ortega

Associate Professor at ESEIAAT-UPC
Assistant Research Professor at CIMNE

PARACHUTES: a GiD-based computer program for the simulation of parachute systems


Riccardo Rossi

Asst. Professor at UPC and Head of Kratos Multiphysics group at CIMNE

An alternative approach to problemtypes

Pre convention videos

Pre convention videos​

3 Videos

The speakers have prepared a short video where you can see an overview of their presentations that will be available on June 1st. Watch them before the convention starts!


Should I register to attend the convention?

No, there is no registration process. The 11th GiD convention is a free event.

How do I follow the presentations?

On June 1st:
– Access this current website
– Access our YouTube channel. Subscribe and activate the notifications to be aware of when the presentations will be released.

Can I interact with the speakers and GiD team?

Yes, you will be able to ask your questions during the live round table, after the presentation of the GiD 16 news.
Also, you can post your questions and suggestions at or post them on Twitter with @GiDSIMULATION #askGiDconvention and we will answer you during the live round table.

Stay tuned for further information

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