October 2015


Is an utility to scan the source code files (written in ‘C’ or ‘Tcl/Tk’ language) of a program (usually GiD or a Problemtype) and prepare the text messages appearing in the program to be translated. Documentation is available here. RamTranslator 1.17 for Windows. Download and unzip. RamTranslator 1.17 for Linux x64. Download and unzip.

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Lognoter is a software to handle information. This information is organized by pages, the objective is to make easier the storage and management of information and notes, thoughts and ideas, and to improve corporative collaboration. Lognoter bets on simplicity and ease of use, providing a user friendly and customizable work environment. Nowadays, the information management

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Procserver is a program that is used in conjunction with GiD in order to be able to make remote executions from GiD, executing the analysis in another computer. Documentation is available here. Download Procserver 3.3 for Windows x64  Download. Procserver 3.3 for Linux x64 . Download.

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Using GiD on a remote server, for instance attached to a cluster, through LAN can be very slow. The X11/GLX protocol causes a heavy traffic of drawing primitives when a huge model is rendered and the local graphics capabilities are used. This traffic can be lowered by disabling the use of the local graphics card

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