Lognoter is a software to handle information. This information is organized by pages, the objective is to make easier the storage and management of information and notes, thoughts and ideas, and to improve corporative collaboration. Lognoter bets on simplicity and ease of use, providing a user friendly and customizable work environment. Nowadays, the information management is becoming more and more important. Lognoter provides an efficient solution to increase the organization and access to information. The success of Lognoter is to store textual formatted data, images and files all in the same place, it allows to organize business and personal time, schedule tasks, make notes, and store information.

The use of LogNoter is recommended for GiD problemtype developers in order to create help contents. Help sources could be stored in a central database, and easily maintained by multiple developers. Documents can be exported in html format to be showed by the GiD help visualizer. (pdf is also a typical export format for manuals)

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Note: Lognoter is developped by Compass

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