b-logo[1]BEASY Corrosion & CP software is the core module of the BEASY Cathodic Protection and Signature modelling tools which simulates the current flow in the electrolyte and the electrode kinetics on the metallic surfaces. The software enables corrosion engineers to quickly develop full 3D virtual prototypes of Cathodic Protection systems to predict the degree of corrosion control provided by the system. Both sacrificial and ICCP systems can be modelled to predict the protection provided to ships and boats and similar structures. In practice most galvanic corrosion problems can be accurately modelled.

BEASY GiD integrates with the BEASY Corrosion & CP simulation tools to solve challenging engineering problems and create better corrosion control solutions. BEASY GID is a CAD based tool which provides the user with powerful tools to create models and visualise the results from simulations.

More infromation at: www.beasy.com

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