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Zmesher is able to generate 3D cartesian meshes of volumes, surfaces, lines, and/or points. It is especially suitable for electromagnetic simulations of Finite Differences. The tutorial can be found at: User Manual->METHODS FOR MESH GENERATION->Cartesian mesh. Zmesher has been implemented by a third-party partner (University of Granada), and the first time that is used it […]

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I2M: Image to Mesh

I2M is an acronym to name the plug-in “Image to Mesh”. With this plug-in we can import into GiD data in digital image format and generate the mesh directly from the image data. This plug-in is available from internet retrieve option since release GiD 13.1.4d. The current version is able to import one 2D image

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LAMMPS is a GiD-problemtype that wraps the LAMMPS classical molecular dynamics (see GUI for some general data and postprocess animation of a result: Download here module and unzip it inside the /problemtypes GiD folder, Then you can load it in GiD from the menu Data->Problemtype->LAMMPS This version includes LAMMPS compiled for Windows x32.

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Voro is a GiD-plugin that wraps the voro++ open source program to create Voronoi tessellations (see The plugin create a GiD geometry model of volumes. Periodic shapes can be created. Download here Voro 1.2 and unzip it inside the /plugins GiD folder, replacing previous copies, then start GiD and a new menu ‘Geometry->Create->Voronoi…’ will appear The

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