Zmesher is able to generate 3D cartesian meshes of volumes, surfaces, lines, and/or points. It is especially suitable for electromagnetic simulations of Finite Differences.

The tutorial can be found at: User Manual->METHODS FOR MESH GENERATION->Cartesian mesh.

Zmesher has been implemented by a third-party partner (University of Granada), and the first time that is used it will require an extra password.

How to set Zmesher as the mesher

Go to the Preferences window and select the Meshing->General menu.  Choose Cartesian inside Mesh type, and then click the Apply button.

The Meshing menu changes. Go to Meshing->Cartesian and select Zmesher in mesher dropdown.

The first time you try to generate a mesh with Zmesher, a window will appear asking for the password.

The password can be freely obtained from, and will be stored in the file scripts/TemporalVariables, so as to not ask it again.

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