May 3, 2010

LS-DYNA Interface

GiD LS-DYNA Graphical Interface is an application acting as a bridge between the pre/post processing program GiD and the commercial nonlinear dynamic solver LS-DYNA. LS-DYNA is a general purpose finite element code used to analyze the large deformation response of structures (including structures coupled to fluids). Specialized capabilities for airbags, sensors and seatbelts have tailored […]

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Nastran Interface

NASTRAN Interface: Statics and dynamic interface for NASTRAN analysis program. Supports MSC/NASTRAN, NE/NASTRAN and MI/NASTRAN The NASTRAN problem type is designed to be a bridge between NASTRAN codes and the GiD pre/postprocessor. NASTRAN Interface uses the power tools of GiD mesh and the easy way to assign conditions directly over geometry. With these special capabilities,

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Abaqus Interface

GiD-Abaqus Interface allows the user to pre and postprocess Abaqus problems in a single and completely graphical environment, thanks to the powerful tools of GiD. Geometry can be directly created with the GiD CAD tools or imported and repaired thanks to a standard format (please refer to the GiD manual in order to get more

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Fluent Interface

GiD-Fluent Interface allows the user to pre and postprocess all kinds of FLUENT 2D and 3D simulations, and it can be downloaded for free without any extra cost. The commercial package FLUENT is a powerful and flexible general-purpose CFD software developed by ANSYS, Inc. Thousands of companies throughout the world benefit from this engineering design

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Ansys Interface

ANSYS interface: Problem types Ansys55_plane.gid and Ansys55_3D.gid permit to define the model to analyze inside GiD and transfer the data to Ansys, where the analysis is automatically performed. The type of analysis that can be done for all problems is linear elastic. Click here for download and installation instructions

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Vulcan is a finite element software designed as a defect-prediction tool for the foundry engineer, in order to correct and/or improve his/her casting process, even before prototype trials are produced. To get more information about Vulcan, please visit, or send a mail to

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Educational finite element codes: MATfem

MAT-fem has been written thinking about the joint interaction of GiD with MATLAB. GiD allows manipulating geometries and discretizations, writing the file as MATLAB need it. Through MATLAB the calculation program is executed, without losing the MATLAB advantages. Finally GiD gathers the output data files for its graphical visualization and interpretation. This scheme allows understanding

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Emant is a set of calculation tools to solve electro-magnetic problems using the Finite Element Method. The current version can solve 2D magneto-static problems. The EVALUATION version is limited to 1,000 nodes. Manuals are in Spanish. To get more information about Emant, please visit, or contact

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Calsef is a simulation code for analysis of solids and structures using the Finite Element Method. It analyses 2D and 3D solids, plates, 3D shells, axonometric solids and shells. The EVALUATION version is limited to 1.000 nodes. Manuals are in Spanish. To get more information about Calsef, please visit, or contact or

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Caltep is a calculus program to solve the Poisson equation (Conduction heat problems) of 2D models. The EVALUATION version is limited to 1.000 nodes. Manuals are in Spanish. For further information about Caltep, please visit

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