Operating system: Linux

Previous Developer GiD versions (all platforms)

Developer versions of GiD are more modern versions of the program that have new capabilities. They have not passed the validation tests that a official version does. So, use them with care.


PasServer is a floating license server for GiD on local networks.


Kratos is a free multi-physic Finite Element C++ open source code.


Tdyn is an environment for computational fluid-dynamics (CFD), multi-physics simulation, and fluid-structure interaction calculations, based on the leading stabilized finite element method


Iber is a two-dimensional mathematical model for simulating flows in rivers and estuaries

Image2Mesh Module

The GiDML_Image2Mesh library module generates a volume mesh directly from 3D images.

IO Module

GiD Mesh library common input/output module


RamDebugger Is a graphical editor and debugger for the scripting lenguage Tcl-TK

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