Tdyn SeaFEM

Tdyn SeaFEM is a state-of-the-art software developed to perform realistic simulations of seakeeping, towing, maneuvers, extinction tests and RAOs, for any type of floating device. Thanks to the resolution of the 3D wave radiation-diffraction problem using the finite element method (FEM) with unstructured meshes, it is possible to introduce as much complexity as necessary in the geometries to be analyzed. This resolution is carried out in the time domain, which also allows incorporating second-order effects.

The code allows you to analyze multibody problems, and even add connections between them, in any sea condition (first and second order regular Stokes waves and wave spectra), including currents, nonlinear hydrostatics, drift effects and resolution of transom stern flows.

Likewise, the code incorporates different mooring models (elastic catenary and FEM dynamic cable, both multi-segment), and the possibility of adding drag forces, friction, lift and added mass in slender elements through the Morison formulation.
Developed in collaboration with the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering and fully integrated into Compass’ comprehensive multiphysics simulation platform, Tdyn.

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