Computational Electromagnetics

GiD is currently used for several numerical methods typically used in Computational Electromagnetics, such as Method of Moments (MoM), Power Balance Techniques, Finite Elements Method (FEM), of Finite Diferences in Time Domain (FDTD). GiD allows importing complex CAD geometries on IGES, DXF and other formats and generates the necessary input data for the simulation analysis in a simple and efficient manner, accordingly to the numerical method requirements.

GiD visualisation features can be customised to display the results of interest foreach problem. Current features include animations evolution in time of the electrical/magnetic field, polar diagrams for radiation patterns, plots in Schmidht cards, 3D cuts, combining different visualization styles and results etc.

GiD is ideal to be used in a multi-user environment in universities, research centers and enterprises for development and applications of different numerical simulation programs.

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