New GiD developer version 16.1.4d

The new GiD16.1.4d developer version has been released and is ready to download from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • File browser faster, specially for network units, and show as ‘special folder’ the local synchronized Nextcloud folders, if any
  • GiD_Project set disable_progressbar (to allow set disable/enable independently windows and progressbar)


  • Meshing Spheres : in Linux and macOS corrected problem where granular was not used to generate meshes of spheres.
  • Fixed bug generating boundary layer mesh with condition over face elements


  • New CGNS format import in postprocess, mesh and results.
  • New Abaqus results .fil format import in postprocess, implemented as a plugin using the pybaqus Python package for parsing.


  • CustomLib value items with function allow multiple columns for series of graphs with same x, and draw of graphs changed to use TkLib Plotchart package to allow more features
    • function_graph_type can be xybarpiepolar (default xy)
    • for xy graphs: function_graph_logx=”1″ and/or function_graph_logy=”1″ to set logarithmic axis
    • for bar graphs: function_graph_bar_horizontal=”1″ to draw bars horizontal (default  false and are vertical) and function_graph_bar_stacked=”1″ (to draw stacked in case of multiple series)
  • Internet retrieve: a module can specify PythonPackages with a list of required Python packages to be installed when downloading it.
  • New GiD_Event_After_InternetRetrieve { content name version platform python_packages }

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