New GiD developer version 16.1.5d

The new GiD16.1.5d developer version has been released and is ready to download from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Refactoring of postprocess preferences converted to standard GiD variables


  • Curvature of surfaces tool enhanced: window that allow set limits and out colors and performance increased
  • G-code import plugin animation enhanced. Note: G-code is a computer numerical control programming language, used for 3D printers, and CNC milling machines)
  • Polylines allow creation multiple



  • New GiD-Tcl subcommand to print mesh by layers: GiD_EntitiesLayers print <layer> nodes|elements ?-element_type <types_allowed>? ?-offset_element_num <offset>? ?-factor <factor>? <format> <channel>
  • New profiler tool, to measure times and frequencies of Tcl procedures (to allow optimize its performance)
  • New package Tclx with extended Tcl commands like profile
  • Developer tools moved to menu Utilities→Tools→Develop…
  • New GiD_Tools mesh collapse ?-tolerance <tolerance>? ?-try_to_maintain_boundary 0|1? ?-ignore_layers 0|1? nodes <node_ids>|elements <element_ids>|mesh

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