New GiD official version 16.0.4

The new GiD16.0.4 official version has been released and is ready to download from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Windows, try to allow models with long filenames (>260 MAX_PATH characters)


  • New GiD variable ApplyTransformationsToEntitiesMeshes to enable/disable automatically do on the mesh the action done in its geometry (move, delete, change layers, groups, etc.)
  • Fix bug delete layer with elements continue drawing it.
  • Fix bug conditions press ‘All conditions all intervals’
  • Fix crash deleting mesh with entities in frozen layers and remesh
  • Fix crash send surface to other layer with inner element pointing to a NULL node
  • proc MessageBoxOptionsButtons: avoid that click icon to close window return the first option, the user must select one.
  • Fix bug mesh: smoothed normals not recalculated remeshing a model with old mesh in frozen parts


  • Fix bug post-process extracting boundaries with several meshes
  • Vtk import corrected error which caused in some cases to create too many points.


  • GiD_EntitiesGroups get $group_name elements returning ids not sorted increasing because multiple meshes
  • CustomLib value items allow new attribute validate_exprto validate it with an arbitrary valid Tcl expr.
  • CustomLib value items allow new attribute format_commandto format the value with a Tcl procedure.

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