New GiD developer version 15.1.5d

The new GiD15.1.5d developer version has been released and is ready to download from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Change theme do not require restart GiD
  • Black theme rebuilt using vectorial SVG images, to have better images with all theme sizes (small, medium, large,…), for high resolution screens .
  • New ‘GiD White Vectorial’ theme
  • macOS: GiD build on macOS 10.15 Catalina, solved USB access problems.
  • macOS retina support.


  • IFC geometry format import (BIM standard format)
  • Each geometry entity store its mesh (avoid re-mesh if was meshes, update the mesh if required, copy also the mesh when copy a geometry, etc.).


  • HDF5 corrected some errors when reading and writing results.
  • skipping steps when reading results: added option to read every X steps.


  • New GiD_Event_AfterDataManagerSetCloudFolder
  • Tcl/Tk updated to 8.6.12 version
  • windows: <GID>scripts/tk/demos/DEMO_widgets.vbs show a collection of tk widget demos and its source code
  • linux and macOS: $GID/tk_widgets_demo script added to show a collection of tk widget demos and its source code.
  • promise package added, to allow run asynchronous procs with promises and async/await syntax
  • tksvg package added, to support vectorial images with svg format (scalable vector graphics)
  • customlib problemtypes don’t require embed used procs in the xml spd file.
  • correct_local_axes_with_lines command to modify assigned local axes based on the direction on some curves.
  • new subcommand GiD_Project transform_problemtype <new_problemtype>
  • new Tcl command GiD_Dimension create|delete|edit|get|list to handle dimensions
  • GiD_Geometry get: new sub-options label_on | selected
  • GiD_Mesh get: new sub-options label_on | selected
  • GiD_Geometry edit point|line|surface|volume <num> material|label_on|selected <value>
  • GiD_Mesh edit node|element <num> material|label_on|selected <value>
  • GiD_Info Mesh ?-pre|-post ?-step <idx_step>? ?-step_value <step_value>?? … added option ‘step_value’ to get mesh information using the step_value of an analysis.
  • GiD_Info postprocess get cur_step_index , to get the integer index of the current step

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