New GiD developer version 14.1.2d

The new GiD14.1.2d developer version version have been released and its ready to download.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Parasolid import updated to version 30100


  • Plugin to export preprocess mesh in Exodus II (HDF5) format
  • Create one geometric line by line element
  • Improvements in render mesh creation
  • Improvements and some bugs fixing in MinElem mesher.
  • Improvements in saving memory during meshing process.


  • Complex vector displecement results: animate the deformation along ‘theta’ periodic time (converting internally frequency domain to time domain)
  • Create statistical results window: root mean square


  • GiD_MeshData size|size_by_cordal_error|size_background_mesh|size_correct|unstructured|mesher|
  • GidUtils::PickEntities “faces ?FaceParentType Triangle Quadrilateral…?”
  • GiD_Mesh get element <num> normal|tangent|center|connectivities
  • GiD_Geometry get surface <surface_id> ?-force? render_mesh (new -force option to force the creation of the render mesh)
  • New events: GiD_Event_AfterSetAnalysis, GiD_Event_AfterSetTimeStep, GiD_Event_AfterSetResult, GiD_Event_AfterSetResultComponent
  • New GiD_Event_AfterInsertGIDProject (and GiD_Event_AfterReadGIDProject won’t be called when inserting a model, and AfterLoadGIDProject is deprecated)

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