How to swap between visualization modes

You can swap between fast and save visualization modes with just a button. Find it at the bottom right corner of the GiD window.

Fast and safe modes icons in black theme

Fast and safe modes icons in black theme

Fast and safe modes icons in classic theme Fast and safe modes icons in black theme

After clicking on the icon the following window will appear. Just select the desired mode and click Apply.

visualization mode

Remember that you can also change this option from the preferences window in preprocess and postprocess mode. Just go to Utilities->Preferences, and choosing the Graphical->System branch.

Select the visualization mode depending on your hardware capabilities:

  • Fast visualization mode: GiD will use the hardware acceleration provided by the driver to accelerate the visualization of the models. If some problems appear, please update your driver or use the Safe visualization mode.
  • Safe visualization mode: GiD will render the model and mesh using only the CPU, i.e. will not use hardware acceleration of the graphics card. This will make some artifacts dissapear but models and meshes will be drawn slower.

Find more information about all the visualization options in the GiD reference manual.

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