ANURA3D: Numerical modelling and simulation of large deformations and soil & water structure interaction using the material point method (MPM).

The Anura3D software uses a dynamic explicit MPM formulation based on a multiple set of material points. Anura3D is capable of simulating multi-phase materials (dry, saturated, unsaturated soil) and free surface water. A fully coupled hydro-mechanical approach is implemented to model the interaction between soil, water and gas phases in fully and partially saturated porous media, which is understood as a continuum mixture of solid skeleton and pore liquids. Additionally, contact problems can be solved since an advanced contact algorithm is available. A library of material constitutive laws is included as well as a UMAT-style interface for external user-defined soil models subroutines.

For the Anura3D MPM software, a GiD interface is developed for creating the geometry and the mesh, defining material parameters and boundary conditions and specifying calculation parameters. The calculation is performed by a stand-alone Anura3D executable.

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