What’s GiDML

The GiD Mesh Library (GiDML) is a collection of libraries (modules) that offers a wide range of meshing functionalities. It is mainly developed by CIMNE, but is opened to other developers to integrate more modules. It contains three main families of modules: mesh generationmesh edition and mesh analysis.

GiDML is a suitable solution for software packages willing to deal with computational meshes, either to generate, edit, or analyze them.

GiDML is a library for developers that has no graphical user interface and provides its own defined API to interchange mesh data with any software.

The GiDML has been created by the GiD development team, including most of the meshing featu­res of GiD pre and postprocessing system, as well as and some new ones.

Structure of the GiDML

GiDML is structured in different modules, each one of them focused on specific meshing features. Each software should choose the module it wants to be connected to, depending on its needs. GiDML is programmed in C++.

In order to exchange the data between any software and the corresponding modules is mandatory to use the input/output module (GiDML_IO), which provides the API functions to get and set the data from and to the corresponding GiDML modules.

How to use GiDML

Any software willing to use some GiDML module must and include the corresponding header file (gidml_modulename.h) and gidml_io.h, and link with the corresponding library (gidml_modulename. lib) and gidml_io.h.

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