Structural Analysis

GiD is widely used for generating data and results visualisation in a number of linear and non linear problems in structural engineering mechanics using the finite element method. GiD includes the necessary facilities for generating structured and non structured meshes in civil, mechanical, aeronautical, aerospace and naval engineering structures as well as the deformed shape of the structure, displacements, stress and strain contours, crack patterns, line plots, etc.

GiD is ideal to be used in a multi-user environment in universities, research centers and enterprises for development and applications of different numerical simulation programs.

Agbar Building

AGBAR Tower (Courtesy of BOMA). Structural analysis of the AGBAR tower (Barcelona). Study carried out with Tdyn–Ramseries.

Concrete Dam

Structural analysis taking into account fracture processes on a concrete dam. The video shows (in different views) the contourlines of the displacements as the deformation evolves.

Cathedral Of Barcelona

Structural analysis of the Cathedral of Barcelona using 3D solid elements.


(courtesy of Barcelona Cathedral)

This video of the Tarazona’s cathedral shows the evolution of damage when increasing the loads of structure gradually.

Double Curvature Dam

Structural analysis of a double curvature dam taking into account soil-structure interactions effects.

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