Computational Fluid Dynamics

Current applications of GiD in computational fluid dynamics cover a wide range of external and internal flow problems such as ship hydrodynamics, aerodynamics of buildings and vehicles, analysis of fans, mould filling problems, etc. GiD includes all the necessary facilities for generating structured and non structured meshes in complex geometries, as well as for visualising the flow features of interest such as velocity and pressure contours and line plots, velocity vectors, particle lines, stresses at solid boundaries, etc.

GiD is ideal to be used in a multi-user environment in universities, research centers and enterprises for development and applications of different numerical simulation programs.

Dam spillway 3D CFD simulation

3D Numerical modelling of a spillway using the Particle Finite Element Method. Calculated with Kratos Multiphysics.

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UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) in water tank simulation

Unmanned underwater vehicle with no control module. The simulation is done using Kratos Multiphysics.

Barcelona dock failure

Concrete caissons are dragged seawards by the liquefacted hydraulic filling. The simulation is done using Kratos Multiphysics.

Landslide simulation

This video shows a landslide falling into reservoir, with the subsequent generated wave. Simulation done using Kratos Multiphysics.

Parachute simulation

Free flight simulation of a ram-air parachute, using PARACHUTES solver.

Air flow analysis

Simulation of an inflatable hangar, run with Kratos Multiphysics.

Filling Of An Industrial Mould

Simulation of the filling of an industrial mould using Vulcan solver.

Aerodynamical Analysis Of A Motorbike

Aerodynamical analysis of a motorbycke prototype done using Tdyn solver.

Analysis Of A Swell

Analysis of the swell created by a ferry using Tdyn solver.

CFD Analysis Of The Machine Chamber Of A Ship

CFD analysis of the machine chamber of a ship, taking into account the ventilation system. The simulation was run using Tdyn solver.

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