Nastran Interface

NASTRAN Interface: Statics and dynamic interface for NASTRAN analysis program. Supports MSC/NASTRAN, NE/NASTRAN and MI/NASTRAN
The NASTRAN problem type is designed to be a bridge between NASTRAN codes and the GiD pre/postprocessor. NASTRAN Interface uses the power tools of GiD mesh and the easy way to assign conditions directly over geometry.

With these special capabilities, NASTRAN generates input files easy and fast. Working with beams is very intuitive and automatized, and the conditions can be applied directly to the line before meshing and creating linear elements. Shell and solid elements take advantage of the powerful GiD meshing features.
Supported NASTRAN elements:

  • Bar
  • Beam
  • Curved Beam
  • Tube
  • Viscous Damper
  • Spring
  • DOF Spring
  • Shear Panel
  • Membrane
  • Bending only
  • Plate
  • Plate strain
  • Tetrahedron
  • Hexahedron

For NASTRAN old users, this way of defining loads and constraints may be new, but these improvements will make the work much easier.
News: First version of the interface that can deal with statics and dynamics analysis with all the NASTRAN elements.

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