Permanent licences

580 €
1700 €
750 €
2200 €
870 €
2500 €
1000 €
2800 €
1. Get 3 months for free if you already have some previous GiD licence.
2. Special prices for educational centres classrooms.
3. Discount up to 60% for upgrades from previous GiD versions.

Educational: Universities and other non-profit educational and research organizations.
Corporate: All other organizations.

Upgrade options

From GiD 14 : 60% Discount
From GiD 13 : 25% Discount
From GiD 12 or older : 5% Discount
Over licence’s price.
  • “Local” is a licence for a single PC, “USB” is a Portable USB licence associated to a specific memory stick, “Floating” is a licence for networks, and Named User is linked to the user (need to sign in when opening GiD, and periodic internet connection required).
  • Current version in sale: Version 15.
  • VAT if applicable, is not included.
  • Prices are per unit licence.
  • GiD licences have an unlimited duration for one specific computer. Changes of licence to a different computer are excepcionally allowed only within the first year after purchasing the licence.
  • Special discounts can be obtained when ordering multiple licences.
  • 2-5 licences: 10%
  • 6-10 licences: 15%
  • 11-15 licences: 20%
  • 16 licences and more: 25%
  • Classroom licence: Special discounts are offered for more than 20 for University licenses.
  • Prices are the same for all platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS).

Buy your licence in the GiD shop

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