Perform virtual experiments of centrifugal spreaders with SpreadDEM


SpreadDEM is the first industrial numerical tool to perform virtual experiments of centrifugal fertilizer spreaders oriented to designers and producers of agricultural machinery. Is based on GiD and DEMPack.

Obtain spread patternstransversal distributions of fertiliser and the coefficient of variation easily by importing your spreader geometry.

Improve your design by analysing the detailed flow of particles from the hopper onto the disc and from there to the ground, tracking individual trajectories, velocities and impact points.

SpreadDEM has been developed in CIMNE by the DEMPack team.

Based on GiD and DEMPack

SpreadDEM uses GiD as pre and post processor and takes advantage of the GiD customization tools to adapt the GUI appearance to SpreadDEM needs.

Based on DEMPack technology, a Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material simulation, the trajectory of every single fertilizer particle is evaluated from the hopper to their contact with the ground.


Easy to use

SpreadDEM provides a complete and practical solution to optimize the design of the spreading machinery becoming an alternative to trial-and-error experimental testing. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, users are able to simulate in a few intuitive steps and with minimal training the most significant results for the fertilizer spreading.

spreaddem steps


Past November, SpreadDEM team attended the Agritechnica 2017, the world’s No. 1 trade fair for agricultural machinery, presenting SpreadDEM to the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

In February 2018 SpreadDEM team will attend FIMA2018, the 40 International Fair of Agricultural Machinery, that will take place on 20-24 February in Zaragoza, Spain.

Find more information about SpreadDEM here.

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