New GiD official version 14.0.1

The new GiD14.0.1 official version have been released and can be downloaded for all platforms.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Progress bar tcl error solved.
  • Snapshots: red line when doing gif solved. Also happened with gif and jpg snapshots.
  • Undo: avoid that some file dialogs are re-opened while doing undo


  • Frozen layers: avoid delete lowerentities on frozen layers.
  • Mesh menu options correctly placed: Create raster nodes and elements.
  • Zmesher: fix bug not meshing 2D isolated nodes
  • IGES import, fixed bug with unbounded plane entities
  • Fixed bug dividing a curve very close to an existing knot, better not to insert a new one.
  • DXF export, fixed bug with GiD arcs.


  • Results’ cache + Convert cuts to sets: add warning and suggestion to increase memory and save model just after the conversions, otherwise the created results will be lost.
  • Complex results: solved crash when drawing complex matrices after drawing complex vectors.
  • corrected error: last selected result and automatic comments are wrong when selecting a contour fill of a different result thant the last used for deformation.
  • HDF5 read + results cache: corrected error when canceling the reading process.
  • Utilities–> Set Contour Limits corrected behaviour: it’s maintained when changing from post to pre and back, between sessions, in the legend it’s drawn different than user-defined limits, and has been added to the preferences window in the Contour Fill section.
  • Line graphs: correct calculation of the ‘line variation‘ option, i.e. solved loop problem. Line variation uses the 3D distance of the created graph as abcisses, for instance on non planar surfaces.
  • Line graphs: added option ‘Line projection‘, which uses the 2-clicked-point-line projected distances as abcisses.
  • Complex scalars: gid now calculates the modulus of complex scalars and shows it to the user for results visualization.
  • Complex vectors: GiD now calculates the modulus of each x, y, z component and shows it to the user for results visualization.
  • Complex scalars: also appear in vectors menu, to display the complex number as a vector, as well as Complex vectors components (x, y, z), which can be viewed as separated complex numbers.
  • Interior faces of volume sets: now enabling interior faces of hexahedra, prisms and pyramids they are drawn in va/vbo when visualizing gauss points results (contour fill).
  • Vtk export: fixed bug exporting a mesh without any result
  • KML export: fix Tcl error opening the file dialog.
  • Fixed memory bug saving cuts to file.


  • Tcl-command: RestartGUI to restart Tcl/Tk gui after icons and fonts changes.
  • Raster GDAL import, fix error calculating z with no_data values
  • Tcl-command list entities: corrected changed format of output results information. New format is under -nice option to see.
  • Fixed bug drawing all materials, color of elements became corrupted
  • Fixed bug in .bas templates with variables with name starting like math funcions max, min, sin, cos,…
  • Transform: fixed bug transforming questions storing tables #N#
  • Transform: fixed bug transforming conditions with symbols associated

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