New GiD developer version 15.1.4d

The new GiD15.1.4d developer version has been released and is ready to download from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • File browser: allow zip/unzip.
  • Html help disk size much smaller than previous version
  • Avoid GiD lock starting/ending if login server has problems to answer requests, and faster asynchronous start.
  • Cache to some disk access operations (e.g. for faster menus) specially with slow filesystem cases like network units
  • Included problemtype interfaces Nastran, Abaqus and Ls-dyna that now don’t require an extra Compass password.
  • Corrected bug when exporting vectorial output (SVG, PS, OBJ, etc.) when using AMD Raeon graphic cards.
  • Corrected error with multiple monitors, when error windows appears in monitor 1 and gid is in monitor 2.
  • linux installer in console mode to no show nor ask questions about graphic gui.


  • Undo enhanced (redo, undo last command, use backup as starting point, not lost history saving model, copy commands from undo multiple window, etc.).
  • Fixed octree bug that prevent collapse points in some special scenario.
  • Corrected error when selecting entities to list that causes axes to draw incorrectly.


  • Fixed bug when cutting multiple meshes.
  • Corrected error in results cache when loading results with different meshes on each step and without index.
  • Corrected error when animating a deformation with contour fill with different meshes on each step.
  • Corrected problem when importing multiple VTK files.


  • New GiD_Event_AfterReadPreferences and GiD_Event_AfterSavePreferences, GiD_Event_AfterEndCommand, GiD_Event_BeforeExit
  • GiD_Info Mesh -post -step $step -set_name $name Elements $element (new optional flag -set_name $set_name)
  • GiD_Info check surface <entity_id> selfintersection ?-tolerance <tolerance>? (new -tolerance optional flag)
  • CustomLib transform enhanced to support changes in values depending on nodes
  • dev_kit.tcl proc GidUtils::SaveXmlWithNameAndVersion  and GidUtils::ReadXmlWithNameAndVersion to facilitate store problemtype version for self-transform of classic problemtypes
  • GiD_Info check mesh contact_elements_connectivities, to check integrity of contact elements
  • GiD_Info Mesh -post command: new optional flag -set_name to get only the elements of this set
  • GiD_Sets get command: new element_type and element_num_nnodes options to get these values
  • dev_kit.tcl: new procs GidUtils::CreateMeshFromSet and GidUtils::CreateMeshFromPostMesh
  • Package objarray 1.13->1.14 objarray foreach <var_name> <objarray> <body> to easy loop on all array values
  • Added Tcl package vfs

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