New GiD developer version 14.1.7d

The new GiD14.1.7d developer version is ready to download for all platforms from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Page and capture settings: corrected error and behaviour of the options Transparent background on images and Don’t save transparency layer on images. Now they can be used independently.
  • macOS: link in register window is working again.
  • linux installer: more corrections on systems with not installed packages.
  • linux: corrected crash when using ZFS as filesystem.


  • Improved performance in some bottle-necks in octree mesher and embedded mesher.
  • Improved efficiency in MinElem surface mesher.
  • Implemented some new features in MinElem mesher, improving its success ratio.
  • Copy Move window on linux and macOS: now it’s not hided by the graphical window when selecting entities.
  • Fixed bug assigning classical conditions over groups


  • Cuts on colapsed hexahedra: solved introduced crash and corrected error in the creation of triangles.
  • Result Surface & Nice Spheres with VBO: corrected crash when visualizing confout fill with Result surface and error when using nice detail level in Spheres ans Circles.
  • Results Animation: corrected error with a model with several analyses with different time-steps, when doing animation of a result of the first analysis.
  • Show Min Max: Now the values are minimum and maximum values are drawn inside a legend, instead of using labels.


  • Tcl command GiD_OpenGL drawtext: new ?check_non_latin optional flag to allow draw non-latin (e.g. Japanese) strings
  • predefined proc GidUtils::TkwidgetEntryValidate to be used in TKWIDGET special fields of classical problemtypes
  • New subcommand GiD_EntitiesLayers assign_front_layer ?-also_lower_entities? geometry|mesh points|lines|surfaces|volumes|nodes|elements <selection>
  • New package gid_graph to easily show a window graph
  • Classic problemtypes, Units::SetUnitsDisallowed to hide units depending on the unit system
  • New GiD variable GroupsTranferToFacesSingle to transfer groups to only one face or to multiple faces

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