New GiD developer version 13.1.11d

new developer version have been released. GiD13.1.11d is ready to download from our webpage.

Check what’s new in this version:


  • Geometry->Edit->Hole surface, now allow also planar surfaces, multiple holes, and define holes with lines or other surfaces
  • Mesh->Edit mesh->Move nodes z raster (to set the z of the mesh from a raster file)
  • Nodes/Elements to grid surfaces: allow select the desired entities.
  • More features of Zmesher (cartesian mesher, for Finite Difference methods)
  • Iges import, try to preserve groups
  • Option to choose between different types of mesh in preferences window: Body-fitted, Embedded or Cartesian
  • Unstructured mesher for volumes assignable to each entity, among Advancing front, Tetgen (Delaunay based) and Octree.
  • Rearranged meshing preferences
  • Background image read from file stored in memory to allow save/re-read it with the model


  • Native support of HDF5 postprocess format.
  • Correct bug merging multiple meshes
  • Automatic animations: follow a node


  • Vtk Tcl package updated from 5.8.0 to 8.0.1
  • GiD_Event_BeforeSetVariable / GiD_Event_AfterSetVariable
  • GiD_Event_GetRecommendedMeshSize, GiD_Event_MessageBoxGetGeneralMeshSize
  • Calculix results import, fixed bug reading results of zero components
  • CARAT IGA import, allow jumps in surface numbers
  • GiD_Info Mesh EmbeddedDistances, to get the ids of nodes and distances to boundary for embedded mesh type

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