AMELET-HDF5 reader and writer

Amelet plugin:
This is a plug-in for reading and writing AMELET-HDF5 mesh format. It works with unstructured and structured meshes. Ready to use from version 10.2.0d of GiD or higher(require hdf5 package v 1.7). The plugin is installed by default in GiD, but this page could have more modern versions with fixed bugs and improved features.
Download here Amelet 1.22 and unzip it inside the /plugins GiD folder, replacing previous copies.

HIRF problemtype:
There is also a ‘HIRF’ GiD problemtype, to able GiD to handle some kind of Amelet HIRF information, like ‘selectorOnMesh’ entities.
Donwload the HIRF 1.7 module and unzip it inside the /problemtypes GiD folder

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