Terms of access and use for the GiDSimulation platform for cloud storage

When accessing the GiDSimulation platform, you will be responsible for complying with these terms and conditions and using the GiDSimulation platform through any account set up through or in the GiDSimulation platform under the principles of good faith and compliance with the legislation.

Access to this new applicability since the 1st of June 2022 allows users to store their own GiD models on the Cloud. As GiD users, you can use our system and benefit from accessing these forms on the Cloud, regardless of where you might be working. However, they only will be available if you have an active account. 

The Cloud is at AWS’ servers in Ireland; therefore, the information is in the European Union. AWS is a Cloud supplier that meets the data protection regulations of the current GDPR 2016/679 (EU).

You agree to provide true, accurate, current and full information while using the GiDSimulation platform. 

Since it is your account, you must obtain and maintain all the devices, services and software required to access the GiDSimulation platform and use it. You must also ensure the confidentiality of your passwords. If you think your password or any other security information for the GiDSimulation platform might have been damaged in any way, you must immediately notify us or change the passwords.

Sometimes, we compile personal information related to your access and use of the GiDSimulation platform. GiDSimulation uses this information under CIMNE’s Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to ask you to change the password or other related security information or restrict your access to the GiDSimulation platform when we deem it reasonably necessary.

Authorised use of the GiDSimulation platform 

The system must only be used to store GiD models. If users use it to upload other forms, archives or files, they will violate these terms. This Cloud has been created to store the forms provided by the GiDSimulation platform. CINME does not allow it to be used for other types of files. You will be responsible for any other use by the user. Users may use the GiDSimulation platform subject to the acceptance and fulfilment of these conditions. Users have no other rights related to the GiDSimulation platform or other materials and cannot change, edit, copy, reproduce, create derived works, apply reverse engineering, change, improve or exploit the GiDSimulation platform and the materials unless with CIMNE’s written consent. 

CIMNE is not responsible for what users upload to the Cloud (if users upload any illegal information, data or file, it shall be their sole responsibility, and CIMNE will be expressly exempt from liability). 

CIMNE undertakes not to disclose the models that users upload to the Cloud and not allow users to access other users’ models without their consent.

CIMNE reserves its right to delete data if a user does not comply with the terms of this platform.

Please, respect all the copyrights of the GiDSimulation platform and other notices of patents appearing on the GiDSimulation platform.

The non-authorised use of the GiDSimulation platform 

We authorise you to perform a limited use of the GiDSimulation platform. Any other use of the GiDSimulation platform that exceeds the authorised uses, especially the use of the Cloud for other forms not compatible with GiD, is forbidden. The violation of this provision will constitute a non-authorised use of the GiDSimulation platform.

The non-authorised use of the GiDSimulation platform may violate international Intellectual Property laws.

Termination of your GiDSimulation platform use

Any of the parties (you or CIMNE) may terminate your use of the GiDSimulation platform at any moment. Your use of the GiDSimulation platform will automatically finish if you violate these conditions.

CIMNE may terminate, suspend or change your registry or access to all or part of the GiDSimulation platform without prior notice, at any moment and for any reason.

You may interrupt your access to and use of the GiDSimulation platform at any moment. If your access and use are automatically terminated due to a violation, you must immediately destroy any downloaded or printed material (and copies thereof).


GiDSimulation platform models are provided “as is” and “with any defect they may contain”, and all the risks related to the functioning and quality of this website are your responsibility.

CIMNE expressly waives any guarantee (explicit, implicit or obligatory) regarding the GiDSimulation platform, which includes, but is not limited to, any implicit or obligatory guarantee of marketability, aptitude for use or purpose, ownership and non-infringement of intellectual property rights.

CIMNE does not guarantee the platform is free of incidents. Without limiting to the above, CIMNE does not guarantee that the GiDSimulation platform forms meet your requirements, offers interrupted, fast and safe service, free of mistakes, or the GiDSimulation platform defects will be corrected. CIMNE does not guarantee the results derived from using the GiDSimulation platform or the accuracy or reliability of any information obtained through the GiDSimulation platform. Any advice or information, both oral or written, obtained by you through the GiDSimulation platform of CIMNE or its suppliers will not constitute a guarantee.

The GiDSimulation platform might have to be “closed” for reasons beyond the control of CIMNE, its team, the supplier or otherwise.

If the platform must be closed, users will no longer have access to the forms, and CIMNE will not be held liable for the loss of this information. CIMNE only undertakes to inform users with sufficient time for back-ups to be made and stored in a different format.

Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances will CIMNE be held liable for any direct, special, consecutive, punitive or exemplary damage (included but not limited to those derived from the loss of earnings, profit, good faith, use, interruption of business or other intangible losses), derived from or related to the GiDSimulation platform (included but not limited to the use, inability to use or the results of using this website), even if these damages are based on the guarantee, contract, grievance, article or any other legal theory and even if CIMNE has received information (or they know) the possibility of these damages.

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